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David L. Brooks Hauling & Excavating LLC

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David L. Brooks Hauling & Excavating LLC
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About Us

Some people are born into wealthy families, and have a life of ease and money waiting on them, but most of us have to earn everything we get. David Brooks is a member of the latter group of people. David was always an ambitious person, knowing he wanted a better life for his family than he had. He knew that in order to be successful he would need to gain experience and that he would then need to work harder than others were willing to.

Early on, David worked as a driver for PepsiCo and then W.R. Beach Construction in Ruther Glen, Virginia. After a few years with W.R. Beach David felt he was ready to take the experience he had gained and start his own business. He purchased the Volvo dump truck he was driving and started Brooks Hauling in 2004.

You don't need a masters degree in business to understand that the lifeblood of a successful company is the relationships you forge and maintain. Focusing on hauling during the company's infancy, David created business and personal relationships that would serve him for a lifetime.

After a year in the business things were looking up and Brooks Hauling expanded to include excavating and lot clearing. David now had multiple employees to think about and expanding his business services helped to combat the seasonality of hauling. Many people don't realize that when it rains, most sand and stone hauls come to a halt because of the inability to drive into wet site entrances to make the deliveries.

Like most companies across the United States, when the housing and market crash of 2007/2008 occured it caused a financial strain on David's business. Unlike most of those businesses, David cared about his associates and helped them find work with other companies. Again, David was able to do this because he had forged life-long relationships throughout his life and people knew that David was a man of honor and integrity. When he vouched for someone, employers knew he was telling the truth.

David worked harder than he ever had and his business did what so many others could not; survived. He was determined to pay his bills, keep his great credit rating, and weather the storm. As time went on, and things got better, David began to hire more employees and many of the people who worked for him before the crash, came right back. David's business has increased every year since 2008 and continues to grow.